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The Full Story

CJ Kern was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was raised in Houston. CJ’s childhood was deeply rooted in faith, family values, and music. At the age of 13, CJ showed an aptitude for learning to play the guitar. As a teen, he sang with the choir in his middle school and in his early high school years. Growing up he would listen to his father and mother singing to the albums of artists like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Celine Dion and Marty Robbins. CJ's late grandfather had a reputation for singing and playing music throughout his life.

In 2009, CJ moved to Conroe, Texas, where he started playing guitar with the worship team at his church. Getting more in touch with his faith, CJ discovered a whole different set of influences. Now surrounded by Christian genres of music, CJ found that he loved anything that could touch people's hearts. He really discovered the power of music, and the affect that it can have on people's lives. He quickly moved from playing guitar to being the worship leader. It was in this role that CJ discovered his passion for songwriting. He taught himself how to play songs he loved and would perform them at church, in addition to his originals.

In 2017, CJ pursued a lifelong dream of his by becoming a police officer. He had discovered another opportunity in which he could serve people other than playing music. With the two worlds converging, CJ then realized his purpose, and that is to serve. Through either role the mission has been to change lives, which still holds true today. 

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